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With the rapidly changing market dynamic from web to mobile and social media it is very important to connect and remain connected with your target audience through various communication channels. It is also important to have consistency in your message to the same set of audience irrespective of the channel used by you. For the better results of your message to you consumer it is important for you to communicate with more targeted communication with different segments. Marketing automation allows you to seamlessly communicate across channels, segment the target audience and target them with personalized communications and/or experiences. This helps your business to save time; produce unique targeted messaging, pushing your target audience to take needful action and improving ROI for the business.
DBP helps your business to select the most suitable platforms for your business and implement them for the best usage. DBP enables you to craft and plan strategic and personalized messages for your target audience, aiming to improve revenue generation.

DBP helps your business both in the internal process like streamlining creative development & approvals as well as in external factors like improving time-to-market & better satisfying ever-changing consumer needs. DBP intends to help you increase collaboration and maintaining a holistic view and a targeted approach. Automating your end-to-end marketing processes help you leverage market information and various forms of historic, transaction and behavioural data across multiple channels. The right solution has the potential to bridge the gap between marketing and sales efforts, to turn the focus from process to customers.

DBP helps you assess your objectives and evaluate your needs, as well as implement your chosen solution. As we at DBP believe that success relies on collaboration, DBP supports both on-premise and cloud-based marketing automation solutions to choose from. These services easily integrate with your existing applications.
DBP expertises in a rage of marketing automation services

Multi-Channel Customer Communication Management

Banking & Insurance, Telecom, Utility and Government Sector service providers generate a wide range of communication to interact with their customers on a regular basis. These may include notifications, policies, letters, proposals, on boarding formalities, account statements and many other such critical communications. These communications enable businesses to integrate every possible customer touch point and communication channel into one to provide unified information / experience to the customer while allowing businesses to segment their target audience for personalized communication based on their customers information and preferences. The effective communication with the customers help in enhancing customer satisfaction, hence increasing customer loyalty and building a stronger relation and retaining them.

DBP helps you to choose the right solution for multi-channel customer communication application and helps in implementing it.

Campaign Management System

Campaign Management System is used to execute your marketing strategies and developing a sales direction for increasing revenue. Campaign Management System helps you create, monitor and measure outcome of your marketing programs across channels. The entire process is automated to keep you on top of your ever-expanding marketing channels.

DBP help you chose the right campaign management system for you and implement it to meet your business and marketing needs.