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Post production deployment, every important business application needs to be managed and maintained for it to run successfully and serve the business in the time of need. Application management starts with stabilizing the application, data optimization for sustainability and growth to meet current and future needs of your business. Thus, a proactive application management is critical to your business.

DBP provides a range of application management services to cover end-to-end support for your business applications to ensure that they remain in good health at all times. Apart of highly skilled and right resources, DBP also has a matured support model to ensure efficiency in support and maintenance of all your applications.

At a broader level DBP provides the following service levels for any application in support

Level 1 support

  • User queries and usage support

Level 2 support

  • Defect resolution / application bug fixation
  • Testing and deployment

Level 3 support

  • Application features and functionalities enhancement
  • Testing and deployment

DBP services are based on the following success factors

  • Agreed SLA between the you and DBP
  • Continuous improvement in the application
  • Application support process
  • Great mix of Onsite and /or offshore support model
  • Dedicated / shared resource model
  • Right pricing

DBP customizes its service plans for each application support based on factors that are important to the business and help in optimization of cost of support. Like

Support window

  • Active support window
  • Passive support window

Time zone

  • Local time zone
  • Regional time zone

Support model

  • Onsite support requirement
  • Offshore support requirement

Support level

  • Level 1 support
  • Level 2 support
  • Level 3 support

DBP understands that moving from application deployment to the production support and/or transition from another vendor to DBP is a critical phase for your business application. Thus, DBP aims to provide a mature transition plan for any move to ensure a hassle-free transition with zero impact on business.